INNOVATION since 1935

Facts about MELLER:

  • MELLER was founded in 1935 and is a family owned business in the fourth generation.
  • MELLER stands for innovative poultry equipment all over  the world.
  • MELLER has built the first fully automatic, automotive and patented feed carrier.
  • MELLER in 1978 has built the first prototype for integrated drying of manure.
  • MELLER in 1999 started as a pioneer designing and producing small-aviaries.
  • MELLER small-aviary “type Euro 2000” was used with success by contented customers on small enterprises and large firm.
  • MELLER has designed the first rearing aviary with walk able grids for easy taking-out the birds.
  • MELLER provides egg collectors with a capacity of approximately 16.000 eggs/hour.
  • MELLER is in possession of important and innovative patents and constantly improving their quality since 1935.

MELLER poulty equipment, here you get  the original, since 1935.