laying aviary

The laying aviary

Aviary system for housing laying hens In addition to the known MELLER Aviary housing system, we have developed a future-oriented housing system. Changing regulations related to Animal welfare influenced Meller to develop a future oriented product to accommodate such eventual changes. The Combi System combines a multitude of features with essential advantages, appropriate for the future and an economical housing system.

The desired flexibility of the Combi Housing System came from the egg producers/farmers affected by changing regulations, played an important role in the development of this product.

The Combi Housing System has already proven itself in practice and offers the farmers features with optional application. The concept of this system is that it can be applicable for Aviary system, Barn (Cage Free), Free Range and with   incorporated features as part of the design and construction; minor alteration creates a Colony (small group) housing system. Yet, again Meller's flexibility in design features.

Features essential to the system are the following: - Laying nests, perches, egg-collecting belts on both sides of the system at each tier. Accessible within the system and easy bird management With the design concept of this system a separate nest tier is not necessary. Furthermore the advantage of this system is the low building height requirement optimizing and utilizing the available area efficiently. Accessibility to the system for the birds can be through different approach ramps/platforms/perches allowing the birds to climb/fly onto to the system. Through additional grid platforms, the floor area/space can be extended. To accommodate and to maximize the number of birds in the system/house and to comply with regulations (stocking density) additional perches/chain feeder can be added to the top tier.

Contrary to other conventional floor systems the Meller Combi Aviary system offer the advantage of a higher stocking density, easy management and a least cost investment with faster return on investment, a wise economic investment.

Meller Combi Aviary system for egg production conforms to all Animal Welfare legal requirements, e.g. nests, drinkers, perches & feeder space per bird, freedom of movement, stocking density and of course a bird friendly environment in the system.

The system involves low labour costs, ease of management and the egg collection is fully automatic. A complete system. The well-known and proven characteristics of the MELLER egg collection system and other features can also be found in the MELLER Aviary housing systems for egg production. 

Proven characteristics:

  • Solid construction made from high-quality materials, perfect for manufacturing and processing.
  • Sophisticated design concepts to the smallest detail with low/fee maintenance technology, guarantees durability and therefore an extremely economical investment.
  • Water supply through nipple drinkers attached with drip cups.
  • Proven Chain& feed trough Feeding system.
  • Perches- and approach ramps/platforms of adequate length, positioned effectively for optimal use.
  • Manure removal system with P.P. manure belts under the system with reliable gearings, pressure rollers and scraper to ensure long life of the system.
  • Integrated laying nest positioned on the system, to the outside of the system close to the egg collection belt, accessible from corridors on each side of the system. Easy to maintain, control and overcrowding or crushing of the birds is not possible.
  • Automatic egg-collection system through egg-collection belts in combination with an Elevator or Lift-System.
  • Design features and construction for retrofitting of components to a Colony Housing system (small group housing).

Combi-Aviary system with a length per unit and width option. Manure drying system option (air channel) can be included or excluded. (for zoom -> click on picture)

Combi-Aviary system with nests without air channel Alternatively with air channel (for zoom -> click on picture)

Extra Equipment:

  • Approach ramps/platforms in different configurations.
  • Approach perches for easier access to the upper tiers.
  • Additional perches in the top tier inside the system.
  • Metal grids from the slat to the floor for closing the floor area below the system.
  • Egg Save wire for an optimal protection of the eggs, reduce egg cracks.
  • Control with time clock for egg-collection and chain feeding.
  • Automatic intermittent time relay for the egg-collecting belts.
  • Compartment (pens) divisions in the house have doors specially designed for closing of the corridors and can be opened upwards when cleaning (total accessibility through the length of the corridor).
  • Air channel option for manure drying on the PP manure belt positioned in the center of the system above the manure belts.
  • Separation of the equipment through wire grids.
  • Additional approach ramp/grids/pipes perching space through open & close flap concept for wall assembly.

Egg protection - Egg Save Wire system

The egg save wire system is also available as an option