The Laying Battery

If that special is just good enough for you. MELLER – a synonym for continuous progress through intensive development work.

The years of experience has allowed us to develop layer cage systems to accommodate environmental conditions compliant with animal welfare requirements and to find the best solution between bird welfare, economics, profitability, gentle handling and technical reliability. Combinations of these various parameters have proven the unlimited flexibility of MELLER cage systems.

MELLER laying cage systems are available in various configurations(tiers/rows with or without catwalk), with fully automatic egg collecting systems, optional feeding systems such as the HA-Matic or VO-Matic feed hopper concepts or chain feeding system, with the central manure cleaning PP manure belt removal system and the option of manure drying central between the double cage system.

Technical solutions to the very last detail, selection criteria of only the best quality and most suitable materials are the features of MELLER quality workmanship guaranteed, providing a reliable system, easy in operation and a long operational lifespan.

The water nipple drinker line is combined with a V-shaped drip trough to avoid water spillage into the cage. Each cage has two stainless steel nipples available for the birds.

Cage floor wire gauge and spacing are designed to be comfortable and gentle to the feet of the birds and the slope/angle of the floor allows for the eggs roll out of the cage gently to avoid potential cracks. The slope of the floor is also according to the guidelines set by the welfare regulations. The patented doors allow easy access to the cages when placing birds or depleting the flock in addition for management control.

Manure drying

This is a very specially designed PVC air channel with a large number of perforated holes through which the air is blown from an air mixer/blower directly over the manure on the PP belt under the cage per tier.

The air through the back of the cage allows for improved air circulation and bird environment. Cleaner cage floor, cleaner eggs and also allowing for higher manure storage on the PP belts. Less moisture in the manure, dryer and lighter. Reduced smells and flies.

PP Manure removal belt drive

The manure removal belts gearings, pressure roller and scraper in combination is specially designed to give the best results and to improve the life span of the PP belt. The length of the cage block determines the gearings/drive units required for the system to perform efficiently.

PP belt manure removal system

The central manure removal system is equipped with powerful drive units/gearings with special pressure/drive rollers and additional counter pressure rollers for the effective and efficient central PP manure removal belts. This guarantees a perfect operation of the manure removal belts. The drives are designed to allow the manure removal with a total length of more than 100 meters. Industrial chain combined with chain sprockets and drive unit are an integrated part to the manure removal belt drive/pressure rollers and PVC bearings which are maintenance free. The pressure rollers are adjusted in tandem (when adjustment is required on one side automatically the opposite side is adjusted at the same time in tandem to ensure correct running of the manure belt).

Cage block end section/unit.

The cage block end section/unit accommodates for a clamping devices, return guide rollers for the manure removal belts. Threaded spindles/chain tensioner on the header units allows re-tensioning of the manure removal belts. Also the water tank/pressure regulator/ball valve for water supply to the nipple drinker lines per tier.The cage block end section/units are also the parking positions for the feed hopper. The V scrapers guarantee perfect cleaning/manure removal of the manure removal belts.

Water Pressure regulators

Pressure regulators can be optionally supplied instead of Ball valve tanks.

Egg Save Wire system

The egg save wire system is also available as an option

Shock wire system

The shock wire system to protect the eggs from the birds pecking the eggs is also available as an option.


Catwalk are positioned at the intermediate  tiers between 3rd & 4th tiers or 4th & 5th tiers or 6 & 7th tiers with intermediate aisle supports with rails, angle support jibs on the inside and outside. The rail on the wall is optional part of building construction or supplied by Meller. The catwalk grids are in different sizes 1000x1000mm or 1200x1000mm or 800 x1000mm and can accommodate different weight(load bearing) from 175kg/m2 to 295kg/m2

Protection Rails

Optional- Protection rails are fitted to the cage block along the aisles for protection of the cage.

Manure drying

A large volume air duct with drilled holes acting as air jets, is located in the centre of the double cage. The special shape of the MELLER air channel ensures maximum drying of the manure on manure removal belts.


Manure removal belt drive

The manure removal belts are driven by geared motors, whose power is adapted to the lenght of each battery. The manure removal belts are cleaned by manure scrapers, which are resiliently pressed onto the belts.

Belt drive for P.P. manure removal belts

We have developed powerful drives with special drive rollers and additional counterpressure rollers for the use of P.P. manure removal belts. This guarantees the perfect running of the manure removal belts. The drives are designed to allow the manure removal of batteries with a total length of more than 100 meters.

Roller chains combined with chain wheels transmit the power to the manure removal belt drive rollers which run in maintenance free PVC bearings. The rollers can be regulated by adjusting the setscrews.



Battery header unit


The header unit at the battery accommodate clamping devices, guide rolls for the manure removal belts and float boxes or pressure regulators for the nipple drinkers. Threaded spindles on the header units alllow retensioning of the manure removal belts.

The header units also serve as a parking place for the feed carriers.

The retracted V. srapers guarantee perfect running of the manure removal belts.


Pressure regulators

Pressure regulators can be optionally supplied instead of the float boxes.

Chain feeding systems

The MELLER chain feeding provides an alternative feeding system to the proven feed carrier.
The food is distributed by a circulating chain featuring a flat link construction, combined with special food troughs and guide corners.
Electric drives for the food chain conveyors and the food columns of the MELLER chain feeding system form two independent parts, allowing two food hoppers to be installed opposite each other at the centre of long battery plants. This solution, especially for longer battery plants allows an improved distribution of food throughout the entire battery length.
The drives for the chain feeding systems are supplied for different chain conveyor speeds (m/min). Number and power of the geared drive motors are adapted to all requirements.

HA-matic feed carrier

The HA-matic feed carrier has a low construction height due to the laterally mounted food bins with infeed channels, permitting automatic feed from the food hopper. The size of the feed carrier is adapted to the length of each battery. In addition, an electric drive with a timer can be supplied for automation. Additionally fitted cleaning brushes clean the egg shoots at each feeding time.

VO-matic feed carrier

The VO-matic feed carrier is automatic and automotive. Well thought-out technology guarantees smooth running during each feeding stage and maximum safety.
Among other things, the feed carrier consists of one of the food bins adapted to the individual battery length, containing two contra-rotating dosing screws which convey the food into the outlet channels leading into the food troughs. The food is uniformly distributed into the food troughs. A fundamental advantage of this system is that the food remains well mixed, thus ensuring that all laying hens receive the equivalent food value. The food quantity can additionally be regulated at the outlet channels using a slide valve. During automatic return of the feed to the parking station a built-in free wheel prevents repeated feed.
The VO-matic feed carrier is push button controlled. Alternatively a timer can be installed which allows fully automatic feeding to be programmed for 24 hours.

The VO-matic feed carrier can be additionally fitted with cleaning brushes and a blower for removing the dust from the egg cellecting belts.

Food dosing sledges

The food dosing sledges for the VO-matic and HA-matic feed carrier guarantee uniform food distribution, while also allowing restrictive feeding.

Egg Saver

An egg saver system is also available upon request..

Egg-Protection Cord

The Egg-Protection Cord is used as protection from the hens, because the hens like to pick the eggs themselves, ...


Walkways will be built in above the 3rd, 4th or 5th tier in equipments with more than ...

Container-Protection Pipes

By request and against additional price Container-Protection pipes can be built on the equipment...