The pullet rearing battery.

Rearing/Brooding Cage System


The optimal and economical system for rearing layers from 0-16 weeks/age. The brooding and pullet cages provide the best environment for optimal body development of the birds for successful egg production.

All metal components of the system are bolted together, no rivets or welding on site. High quality metal and wires are cut, shaped, welded per cage type. All metal are from galvanized material of high international quality. Meller manufacture the systems in their own factory in Germany.

The flexibility of Meller is that we can manufacture a cage system to accommodate an existing building or requested by a customer to maximize the number of birds in the house.

The central manure cleaning system manure belts gearings, pressure rollers and scraper allow are a well know trade mark of the quality of Meller.

Each brooding/pullet cage has a drinker line with the appropriate drinking nipples.

The cage floor wire grids are important to ensure the best comfort to the chicks/pullets. Also the cage flip open cage doors, two per cage allows for easy handling when placing the chicks and depleting the flocks

Feeding system options are the chain feeding system and the feed hopper system. The feed trough design is to optimize feed efficiency and bird development to the onset to lay. Key features are economical, avoid feed spillage and low energy costs.

Our future developed Rearing Battery with manure removal. The result of intensive research and experience

Manufactures of batteries often produce very different systems. The product range of MELLER batteries does not just distinguish itself in this aspect by providing an uniform concept of high-quality models, but has gone one step further than just producing yet another battery. We have designed a better battery, a top-class rearing battery. One that is so perfectly designed, that it cannot be confused with common batteries.
Ideal dimensions, technically perfect and thoughtout to the very last detail: our further developed breedimg battery. The new system-referenced addition to the worldwide proven MELLER battery range.

Drying of manure reduces environmental damage

For drying manure within the batteries, a large volume air channel with drilled holes acting as air jets, is located in the centre of the double cage. The special shape of the MELLER air channel ensures maximum manure drying on the manure removal belts.


Leading design through superior technology

The MELLER rearing battery also distinguishes itself with its attention to detail. The fold-up front grid with its attention to detail. The fold-up front grid which can be opened on one side allows easy handling of birds in and out of the cage, and better overall view and easy inoculation of birds. The solid metal plate partitions ensured the calmness and well-being of the birds.


Variety to meet consumer demand and offer of spacious cages. Typical for MELLER

From rearing one day old chicks to young hens ready to lay – an excellent battery in every respect. Viable, economic and rational. Consistent technology in proverbial MELLER quality.
Extremely generously designed cages with an inside dimension of 1.000 x 600 x 380 mm offers, e,g. plenty of space for 19. young hens up to the final stage. 315 cm² per bird or 228 young hens per cage unit (2.000 mm) in a 3 level battery.

Particularly advantageous:
The MELLER floor mesh with a mesh width of 17 x 17 mm. They result in improved bird condition, no injuries and secure hold metting the bird's requirements.
Each carefully produced battery ist made of high-quality and smooth surface materials. Thus the mesh stays clean and the birds maintain a presentable plumage.
The MELLER rearing batteries with manure removal is available in a 3 to 6tier design, as well as in an optional 2 to 6 tier pre-breeding design.


Manure removal

Prerequisite for a manure drying technology which is less harmful for the environment is manure removal by conveyor belt. MELLER rearing batteries are either equipped with TREVIRA or with P.P. manure belts.

Powerfully driven manure bands adapted to the design and length ofe the battery guarantee ideal running qualities and functional safety of the entire manure removal system.

The circulating manure removal belts are tensioned by threaded spindles. Retracted V. scrapers and roller scrapers avoid a soiling of the tension rolls and guarantee a perfect running of the manure removal belts.


Centrally adjustable drinker system

The drinker system ist directly connected to the normal water supply via pressure reducers or via float boxes.
3 interior nipple drinkers with drip trays and 1 combined drinker per cage in the pre-breeding tiers, 4 interior nipple drinkers with a V-shaped drip channel per double cage in the young hen tiers guarantee an ideal water supply. The height of the drinkers in the pre-breeding period can be centrally and infinitely variably regulated at the header units acoording to the growth of the birds.


Cost reduction by restrictive feeding

There are 2 feeding systems available for the birds:
The proven VO-matic feed carrier with a newly developed food dosing system with infinitely variable adjustment via an additional drive. Through a pre-programmable timer the feeding ist automatically.

Chain feeding with a circulating flat link chain. Food columns and seperate electric drive are outstanding features of the MELLER chain feeding system.

This fully automatic feeding controlled via a timer allows guarantees a uniform and adequate supply of food to the birds, even with variable feeding times. The chain feeding drive can be supplied for different speeds.
The drive motors are designed according to the chain feeding speed, the battery length and the number of levels.


Additional you can get feeding device growing with the birds

The feed aperture for the pre-breeding tiers can be adapted to the bird's groth. The infinitely variable height adjustment is performed at the end post via a spindle.


You have our KNOW-HOW at your disposal

Even the best battery program loses value unless it is not planed, tested and bulit by experienced specialists. Therefore, it is important that you speak to our specialist advisors. So that you know the details to be taken into consideration when you require a reliable and relatively maintenance-free battery to meet yor high standards.