poultry growing systems

Broiler Cages

Meller R & D department have designed and developed a broiler growing system for many decades with field tests to justify the effectiveness, performance and economics of the system. Due to continuous pressure from the industry/market the demand for such systems has grown rapidly globally to replace the standard floor growing systems.

The Meller broiler housing concept is to maximize flock performance, good husbandry practice, reduce poultry diseases, infections through biosecurity procedures enforced and adhere to welfare practices.

The system provides optimal brooding management with birds eating and drinking sooner resulting in early chick development.
Maximizing bodyweight profile and uniformity, excellent FCR, meat to bone ratio, meat quality, no breast blisters, damaged keel bone and reduced mortality, Increased grade A saleable processed birds. Reduced medication costs with maximizing sanitization. Higher density and up to more than 2 flocks per year. The growing period is shorter to achieve the required body weight. Reduced labour costs.

Clearly, greater financial benefits can be achieved additionally:-
No more litter and all its related problems such as availability, the cost and the need to be replaced every cycle 5 to 6 times a year.

  • The elimination of litter reduces the risk of diseases (parasites), as there is no longer contact with the manure.
  • Birds separated from the Manure that can be processed as an organic fertilizer or organic fuel.
  • Automation, for feeding, drinking system, manure removal, lighting, heating and ventilation and bird harvesting.

Investment in land area is less and associated costs related to power, drainage etc., and depreciation.